Colloque de Pujiang

Sylvie BLANCO a représenté Giant et GEM à Shanghai lors du Pujiang Innovation Forum.

Hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Shanghai Municipal Government, Pujiang Innovation Forum 2017 was successfully held on the 22nd – 25th of September at Dongjiao State Guest Hotel in Shanghai. Its theme is ‘Global Science and Technology Innovation Hubs: Patterns and Prospects’ and special sessions cover Industries, Regions, Policies and Cultures.

The forum aims to promote innovation with a global vision and build a platform for communication of innovation and development, dissemination of advanced ideas, contention of academic thoughts, interaction among government departments, enterprises, universities and research institutes, and release of new policies.
On the previous held in 2017, Pujiang Innovation Forum attracted over 3,000 delegates from government departments, academic circles and enterprises. The forum also has caught hundred professional media agencies at home and abroad attention.



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